Tipsy Elves Cute Green Dragon Halloween Costume Jumpsuit for Babies and Toddlers Unisex Sizing


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  • PLEASE READ In order for everybody to have fun, these Halloween costume jumpsuits use UNISEX SIZING. Please see our size chart below for more information about fit and sizing.
  • MELT ALL THE CANDY This kids Dragon costume is sure to turn heads and make for lots of laughs. Comfortable and warm, this shiny green jumpsuit is built for movement and play. The classic dragon look and roar completes the costume and is sure to thrill any fan of classic fairy tales and fantasy stories.
  • ROYAL WIN Whether you’re a majestic dragon on the inside and want to show everyone, these Tipsy Elves costumes will help bring your fantasy to life!
  • COMFY CUTE Take your Halloween costume from boring to amazing with just one zip. With one of Tipsy Elves’ Halloween costumes, you’ll have all the fun of a radical costume with the comfort and ease of a jumpsuit.
  • MIX AND MATCH with your friends and loved ones. If you’re forming a group of majestic creatures, Tipsy Elves costume jumpsuits make it easy to form any gaggle, flock or herd with ease!
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