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This Viking Thor Hammer Pendant Norse Wolf head Chain Necklace Inspired by Vikings were known for their ferocity and sailing ability as symbolized Brave travelers, Warriors, and Farmers, and they were regularly expected to be good at all three. The Vikings Wolf Norse Myth Legend Warrior Inspired by the Necklace Fenrir is the monstrous wolf of Norse mythology. He was once the son of the demoniac god Loki and a giantess, Angerboda. Fenrir does not play the villain only. Overall, Fenrir, Geki, and Freki have turn out to be the symbol of strength, destruction, and creation, and the symbol of Odin as well. The qualities of the wolf are present loyalty, fierce spirit, and desire for freedom. Wearing a Wolf’s &, Mjolnir Thor Hammer image Jewelry is believed to symbolize natural leadership, wisdom, and fearsome as representing in the hammer that may be associated with the powerful thunder character in the myth. In essence the wolf, head of the pack. In step with Norse mythology, a wolf’s tooth is a symbol of eternal strength. In quite a lot of cultures, Norse included, the tooth represents the wolf as a spirit guide through life. Our Viking Thor Hammer Pendant Norse Wolf head Chain Necklace is made from premium high-quality Stainless Steel Never Fade. Each and every design is unique and the results of patient craftsmanship by skilled Viking artisan necklace makers. Also in addition to promising a life-time shine and a glow to any outfit events.


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