YABEME 925 Sterling Silver Dragon Ring Nordic Viking Vintage Adjustable Heavy Duty Size 8 – 11


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  • Generally, there are many deeper layers of meaning for the dragon symbol. But most of the times, the dragon is closely associated with luck, fortune, longevity, intellect, and glory.
  • Each piece from YABEME draws inspiration from real Medieval artifacts to create historically fascinating and authentic works of art. The result is both a handsome embellishment to any outfit as well as a hallmark of ancient culture and traditions.
  • 925 silver refers to a silver product with a silver content of about 92.5%, and a purity of about 92.5% is considered pure silver. Because pure silver is soft and easily oxidized, 925 silver is added with 7.5% of other metals to make it have the ideal hardness. 925 sterling silver is the international standard silver for making silver jewelry in the world.
  • Crafts:Every detail is well curved and every corner is highly polished. You get what you see. Silver is chemically stable, has low activity, is expensive, has good thermal and electrical properties, is not easily corroded by chemicals, is soft, and has high ductility.
  • Are you looking for a spellbinding accessory that takes control with a single glance? Then our new viking dragon ring is exactly what you need. It will engross every person around with its remarkable design and the irresistible sheen of sterling silver.
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