LGSY Dragon Cage Pendant Pearl Jewelry Sterling Silver


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  • 25 Sterling Silver, Lead-free, Nickel-free and Cadmium-free
  • Cage pendant size: 25.3*19.2*8.6mm, weight: 2.5g, can fit pearl size:6-8mm, please allow a little deviation when using different measure tools
  • Put your favorite beads, pearls, lave stone, gemstones, essential oil diffusers, crystals or felt ball into these cages, DIY beautiful jewelry making
  • Dragon has a special meaning. Chinese folk regard the dragon as a sacred and auspicious thing. The dragon is a symbol of bravery, dignity and might, and represents auspiciousness and well-being. Wearing this dragon cage pendant will bring good luck and a good life
  • So honored to add 1pc Dragon Cage Pendant without chain and pearl to your jewelry listing
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