Fenthring Dragon Ring Sterling Silver Wedding Engagement Clear Stone


  • 🐉SYMBOL OF DRAGON🐉 Dragon symbolize great power, good luck, strength and protection, Wrap the dragon around your finger and unlock the powers of this mighty creature, highlight your strong character, beauty, and courage.
  • 🐉MASTER OF MAGIC🐉 The dragon symbolizes adventure, thrills, and ambition. With this dragon ring, you can explore your spiritual side, pursuing your dreams with confidence thanks to its magical and mysterious energies and power.
  • 🐉DRAGON IS WATCHING OVER YOU🐉 Dragon spirit animal can helps detoxify your surrounding and protect you from evil and toxic influences in your life. Summon dragon spirit animals with the dragon ring, you’ll feel magical protection and fueled self-confidence to win anything in life.
  • 🐉VISION AND WISDOM🐉 The Celts considered the Dragons as prophets and true seers with great wisdom. Walking with the dragon totem will help you find your inner voice and power, use the wisdom of the dragon to walk through life-path.
  • 🐉BRING GOOD LUCK TO YOU🐉 Dragons are the harbingers of good fortune. Dragon medicine is healing. The dragon ring is a thoughtful gift for a sick friend for good luck, would bring them good health and well-being.
  • 🐉SURPRISE FOR DRAGON LOVERS🐉 Perfect dragon jewelry gifts for dragon lovers or fantasy fans who love dragon related items such as dragon movies, dragon games, dragon totem, dragons theme park, medieval festival, renaissance fair etc.
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