Fenthring Celtic Dragon Ring Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Dragon Vintage Size 7 8 9


  • ­čÉ▓SYMBOL OF DRAGON­čÉ▓Dragon symbolize great power, good luck, strength and protection, Wrap the dragon around your finger and unlock the powers of this mighty creature, highlight your strong character, combining beauty, courage and destiny.
  • ­čÉ▓CELTIC DRAGON DESIGN­čÉ▓The celtic dragon ring brings┬áenergy into your life. Never ending lines which signifies ancient Celts belief in eternal life, and its harmony with the nature, and divine. Trinity knot is the unity of mind, soul, and heart.
  • ­čÉ▓MASTER OF MAGIC­čÉ▓The dragon symbolizes the hunger for new conquests and adventures. With this dragon ring, you can explore your spiritual side, pursuing your dreams with confidence thanks to its magical and mysterious energies and power.
  • ­čÉ▓DRAGON IS WATCHING OVER YOU­čÉ▓This dragon finger ring said to grant the protection of the dragon spirits to its wearer, help you in dangerous situations by beckoning your inner dragon, surrounding you in defensive energy, you will feel strong and full of determination.
  • ­čÉ▓BRING GOOD LUCK TO YOU­čÉ▓Meditating on dragon totem guide will help to remove blocks that cause physical ailments. Dragon medicine is healing.┬áA thoughtful gift for a sick friend for good luck, this will be good for health and well-being.
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