Dankadi Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Dragon Bracelet 11MM 7-8-9-10 inch Bead Chain Solid Thai


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  • Classic design-100% 925 sterling silver 11mm dragon beads chain bracelet, adding a touch of charm to your daily outfit. Simple beads create a flexible movement and shiny luster, creating a modern and retro look. Moderate punk fashion men’s silhouette, whether it is casual jeans, T-shirt or clothing, it is the perfect bracelet for everyday wear.
  • 100% 925 sterling silver and nickel-free-this product is made of 92.5% sterling silver, which is perfect for those with very sensitive skin. Sterling silver is one of the brightest metals in the world, adding brilliance to your jewelry. The bracelet is 7.5-10 inches long, 11 mm wide, and has an S buckle with a simple device. It is safe and weighs about 55-70 grams.
  • Italian-designed jewelry is not only a choice of fashion and elegance, it also has a long cultural history, which has created men who still value creativity and passion today. Due to the strong demand for luxury handicrafts, early craftsmen paved the way for this craft. Today, Italian jewelry still has the highest government quality standards, which is unmatched by any other country in the world. This is a good investment.
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