constantlife Cremation Jewelry for Ashes Stainless Steel Dragon


⚡【Cremation Jewelry】Pendant is made of high-grade 316L stainless steel and glass. It is 100% waterproof, non-staining, non-fading and non-rusting. Our screw caps are fitted with a gas-tight gasket to ensure that the internal ash does not fall off even when worn daily. It is harmless to human skin and can be used with confidence.
⚡【Multi-function Urn Necklace】The dragon-shaped pendant can hold a small amount of ash, dried flowers, perfume, essential oils, special information, a strand of hair, clay or sand. The large enough inner hole can fill more ash and is easy to pour and fill. Carrying it in the most intimate place is not only a decoration, but also a good way to commemorate your loved ones.
⚡【Memorial Gift】If you want to provide a unique gift for your family and friends, this is your best choice! You may want to add something to make it more special and personal. This pendant necklace will be packed in a beautiful dark blue gift box, giving you the best impression at any time, bringing you good luck and blessings.
⚡【Package Included】1 stainless steel pendant necklace + 1 funnel + 1 instruction manual + 1 gift box. Everything you need, we are ready for you, elaborate souvenirs let you remember the people you like or the things you want to cherish forever.

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