Alilang Mythical Ancient Asian Chinese New Year Zodiac Dragon Novelty Celebration Party Brooch Pin – Red


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  • MYTHICAL DRAGON DESIGN. In eastern cultures, dragons have long been honored as almighty magical creatures ( and often actual deities ) in legend and folklore. A creature of infinite power and wisdom with an attractive design makes them a popular subject for fashion accessories. These brooches portray the dragons in traditional poses with their curled serpent like bodies.
  • 3 DESIGNS FOR DIFFERENT TASTES. For people who prefer a much more simple look, there’s a dragon that is just cast in a silvery metal alloy. For those who want a bit more sparkle but not too much, there’s a dragon cast in a bronze coppery tone accent with a line of ruby red crystals trailing along its body. For those that really want a statement piece to stand out, there’s a golden toned dragon covered from head to toe in light topaz yellow crystals and adorable red crystal eyes.
  • PERFECT FOR MANY OCCASSIONS. While these brooches are perfect for celebration events such as the Lunar New Year, that doesn’t mean it’s the only occasion these fabulous dragons can be worn for. Attach to a coat lapel, a blouse, or a bag for a bit of sparkle and shine. Add a unique touch to your outfit for events like prom, weddings, anniversary dates, or just a fun night out.
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